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Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE)

While stock trading was conducted in China in the 19th century, the first equity exchange was created in Shanghai in 1881 and quickly rose to regional prominence. It remained Asias largest stock exchange until 1941, when it was closed down as the result of Japans invasion.

In the aftermath of Chairman Mao Tse Tongs draconian communist regime, the Constitution of 1982 put the worlds largest nation on the path to economic expansion. Under the umbrella of China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRS), the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) and the Shenzhen Exchange were launched in 1990 as not-for-profit membership institutions.

Shanghai, which seeks to regain its top spot among the worlds leading markets, offers a trading system that can handle 8,000 transactions per second on a strict price-time priority basis and perform electronic market surveillance as well. China Securities Central Clearing clears transactions on a T+1 settlement basis.

Orders are entered electronically on the SSE, either on its huge floor or from remote locations. Shanghai broadcast real-time quotes and transaction information via a satellite network that reaches 5,000 trading stations in China and abroad, a system inspired by NASDAQ. Also, the National Electronic Trading System (NET) trades shares of state-owned enterprises and government bonds.

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