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Forex glossary - W

Warrant - It is a right but not obligation to buy shares in a company at a future date and at a prearranged price. Warrants are tradable options.

Weekly charts - Charts for which each candlestick or bar encapsulates data for the currency pair for the past week.

With discretion (DISC) - A discretionary note on an order telling the floor broker to use his or her own discretion in filling the order.

Whipsaw - Term used to describe sharp price movements and reversals in the market. A whipsaw would be if shortly after you bought a stock the price plummeted.

Wholesale Money - Money borrowed in large amounts from banks and institutions rather than from small investors.

Wholesale Price Index - It measures changes in prices in the manufacturing and distribution sector of the economy and tends to lead the consumer price index by 60 to 90 days. The index is often quoted separately for food and industrial products.

Working day - A day on which the banks in a currency's principal financial centre are open for business. For FX transactions, a working day only occurs if the bank in both (all relevant currency centers in the case of a cross are open).

World Bank - A bank made up of members of the IMF whose aim is to assist in the development of member states by making loans where private capital is not available.

Writer - An individual who sells an option.

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