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Forex glossary - G

G5 - The Group of Five. The five leading industrial countries, being US, Germany, Japan, France, UK.

G7 - The seven leading industrial countries, being US , Germany, Japan, France, UK, Canada, Italy.

G10 - G7 plus Belgium, Netherlands and Sweden, a group associated with IMF discussions. Switzerland is sometimes peripherally involved.

Gamma - The measure of the change in an option's delta given a change in the futures price. Equal to the change in delta divided by the change in futures price.

Gap - A price area at which the market didn't trade from one day to the next. See Breakaway gap, Exhaustion gap, Runaway gap.

Gap theory - A type of technical analysis that studies gaps in prices.

GNP Deflator - Removes inflation from the GNP figure. Usually expressed as a percentage and based on an index figure.

GNP Gap - The difference between the actual real GNP and the potential real GNP. If the gap is negative an economy is overheated.

Good-til (GT) - An order that remains in effect until it's canceled or until the specified date is passed.

Gross Domestic Product - Total value of a country's output, income or expenditure produced within the country's physical borders.

Gross National Product - Gross domestic product plus " factor income from abroad" - income earned from investment or work abroad.

Gold Standard - The original system for supporting the value of currency issued. This system was in vogue before 1973 when the fixed exchange rates were prevalent.

GTC (Good-till-Cancelled) - Refers to an order given by an investor to a dealer to buy or sell a security at a fixed price that is considered "good" until the investor cancels it.

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